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Teen Expeditions 7th – 12th

expeditionlogoBCP Youth Ministry now offers Jr. and Sr. high level materials called Teen Expeditions.  The four volumes are done and available for purchase! They are written with the same goals that we have for the primary grades. These key goals include a curriculum that is biblical, quality, inexpensive and flexible.  These programs will provide teachers with tools for evangelism and discipleship for today’s teenager.

The word ‘expedition’ is defined as an extreme walk. When teachers see life as a spiritual journey, they desire to teach their youth about their own extreme walk of faith. Please pray as we continue to develop this program.

Sample Packet – Volume 1 Walk of Faith
Sample Packet – Volume 2 Compass of Hope
Sample Packet – Volume 3 Fire of Holiness and Love
Sample Packet – Volume 4 Shelter of Grace